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Double Glazing


For a long time, windows only use a single glass pane. Although it might have been sufficient during those times, they are no longer adequate for today’s environment. Climate change has affected the seasons and has deemed single-pane windows as obsolete and insufficient in providing enough protection from the freezing temperature of winter and the sizzling hot atmosphere of the summer.


Update your window for a better insulated home from heat and cold with double glazed windows. Double glazing features two glass panes instead of just one, with argon, or any other inert gas, filled in between the panes. All of these help improve the insulating capabilities of windows and provide better protection from the elements.


Double glazed windows are also environmentally friendly since they help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They last for more than 20 years and do not require high maintenance.


Click here to find out more information about the benefits of double glazing.


uPVC Front Doors


Doors are important focal points of your home. This is especially true when your front door is concerned. If your current front door is already decrypt due to the daily wear-and-tear and elemental damages, then you might want to consider having it replaced with uPVC front doors.


uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally safe material know for its long lasting and durable characteristics. This material is resistant to rotting, warping, fading, and even corrosion, making it a wise investment with long term benefits. uPVC front doors are guaranteed to have low maintenance and even offers high security thanks to its locking systems.


Apart from those benefits, your uPVC front door can effectively insulate your home and keep the heat in. If you want to learn more about uPVC front doors and its other features, click here are understand why many homeowners are gradually putting their trust on uPVC doors.


French Doors


French doors are known to open up spaces and let light in homes. You can have this in your home or even in your conservatory. With French doors, you add a touch of class and elegance into your home.


French doors originally got its design from the French casement door. For years, dozens of materials were used to produce French doors but recent developments have leaned towards the use of uPVC instead of the other materials available. Moreover, since 1st April 2002, double glazed French doors were subject to the Document L of FENSA. Since then, production of French doors has rules to follow, including thermal insulation necessary to be an energy saving structure in residential homes.


If you are interested in having your own double glazed French doors, click here for more information. Learn the basic features, benefits, and reasons why you should have your own double glazed French doors today.


Patio Doors


Pretty much like French doors, these doors can be fitted inside and outside of your home. The difference it has with French doors is its opening mechanism. Unlike French doors, patio doors open by sliding one door along railings.


Patio doors can be made with various materials and for double glazed patio doors; it is best partnered with uPVC. Patio doors with uPVC are highly durable and are known for withstanding warping, rotting, corrosion, and other elemental factors. Because of this, patio doors will last for a long number of years.


Apart from these benefits, you can have your patio doors made in different colours and have various finishes according to the current style of your home.


Along with French doors, you should also take note that patio doors are also included in the Document L of FENSA. The glasses used for patio doors should meet with the standards of the Glass and Glazing Federation.


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uPVC Porches


Get the benefits of having improved home insulation, added security, and easy upkeep with uPVC porches. Unlike its wooden counterparts, uPVC porches will not need high maintenance, will not rot, fall to decay, and even be subject to corrosion. Give your worn down wooden porch a break and replace it with a uPVC porch.


Porches can be of different uses for various families. Some may use this as a receiving area where people can store or put aside their dirty boots and coats, while other people might use this as an added security measure. Whatever purpose you have in mind for having a porch, you can upgrade it with uPVC porches.


uPVC is a very durable and long lasting material that will last for years. This is a great investment for homes that need the extra space without looking like clutter. This material is also easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about hours and hours of cleaning.


Click here for more information about uPVC porches and the benefits you can have by having one today.


Double Glazing Grants


In line with the government’s cash back scheme for alternative energy users, the Double Glazing Grant is also honoured by the authorities. This serves as an encouraging motivation for UK residents to replace their old windows with double glazing and have an energy efficient and warm home while reducing their carbon footprint on earth.


Entitlement to the Double Glazing Grants requires homeowners to have installations fitted by professional companies accredited by certain organizations. Moreover, the installed double glazing should be checked to make sure that the double glazed windows have high quality.


If you are interested in applying for the Double Glazing Grant, you might have to wait. There are a number of factors which will be considered in your application such as age, local authority, and the number of other government incentives you are currently receiving. With perseverance in continuing your application, you get accepted for the grant.


Click here to learn more about the double glazing grants and how to get 65% off on double glazing prices with us.


Replacement Windows


Are you feeling a bit chilly inside your own home? Do you often turn your heater up to its highest possible level to feel warm and comfortable again?


Windows are known to let more than 75% of heat inside homes to leak out with people noticing it. This is why many homeowners are left robbed by energy companies at the end of the month.


Replacing your old single-glazed windows is tantamount to an energy efficient home with savings to boot. With about £135 of savings every year plus a warmer and comfier home, investing on replacement windows may spell a great deal.


Whether you have sash windows or any kind of window that has been a long trademark of your home, you don’t have to worry about losing that distinctive detail. Replacement windows can be made in the exact shape, form, and colour of your old windows and make it look brand new. This type of home improvement won’t take much of your time yet can give beautiful results in many years to come.


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Window Security


Security is an important factor for any homeowner. Doors are installed with multiple locks and bolts while windows are shielded with bars. But if your home is originally designed with windows that can’t be installed with anything else to prevent intruders from entering, how do you solve this?


With double glazed windows and doors, you can have a secure and safe home. The glass on double glazing can be made with tempered or toughened glass to make it shatter into tiny little pieces when broken, instead of shattering into big sharp shards of glass. Moreover, the glass can be applied with a thin film of specially made substance to make glass stronger and tougher even when smashed with a sledge hammer.


Keep in mind that when purchasing high security windows for your home, they need to be manufactured according to British Standards 7412. This assures quality windows that you can rely on.


Click here to learn more about window security, its basic features, and benefits.

Double Glazing Windows

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